L'Atelier du Vin - Chic Monsieur Night Wine Tools Gift Set

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The set includes the Chic Monsieur Night, the Gard'Vin ON/OFF, and two Gard'Vin sealers, all housed inside informative presentation packaging that's perfect for gifting.

Chic Monsieur Night opener has a uniquely-shaped head for easier handling, "legs" to maintain a tight grip on the bottle, and a self-pulling system that helps the cork slide out with ease. Chic Monsieur® Night has an expressive head that makes it easy to hold, and an endless screw system that simplifies the extraction of the cork.

When it's time to close things up, the Gard'Vin ON/OFF wine keeper uses a quick pump system and a matching sealer to ensure the bottle is protected from the air with an easy-to-spot color indicator. The Gard’Vin® ON/OFF (wine keeper) stops the open wine oxydation (not suitable for sparkling wines). The ON/OFF system is a colour indicator fitted to the Gard’Vin® sealer. It allows you to tell immediately whether or not your opened bottle is protected from the air.

- 1 Chic Monsieur® Night
- 1 Gard’Vin® ON/OFF
- 2 ON/OFF Sealers