Plant Magic 16 Free Nail Care Kit

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Prep, set and strengthen with our 16-free nail care kit. Our plant-perfect top & base coat primes, adds gloss and helps prolong color wear. Our Primer & Harden polish also works as a top coat and helps harden and give nails a radiant, healthy finish.

Included in kit:
Top & Base Coat: Our new all-in-one transparent top and base coat is an innovative, 16-free, bio-sourced ingredient formula that is designed to prime, add gloss, prolong wear,* protect polish from chipping and protect nail plate from stains and yellowing. *independent user test panel test results show manicure still intact after 6 days
and protects from chipping for 7 days.

Prime & Harden: Extend your mani and keep polish from chipping! Designed to harden and give nails a radiant healthy gloss.